Backups and security

There’s really no way around it: you must back up your devices. It’s far too easy to lose or damage your phone or laptop, along with the wealth of information on it.

Luckily, backups are relatively easy to set up on any laptop, tablet, or smartphone you might own. Here’s how:

But backups aren’t sufficient to protect you. You should also turn on encryption and protect your phone with a passcode so that your data is protected if your device is lost.

And finally, plan for a lost device before you lose it. Set up “Find My _____” today. That way, if you lose it, you can remotely lock or erase it. Here’s how:

Whew! That’s a lot of info. If you are able to follow it yourself, go for it. But remember that this is exactly the sort of thing I can help you with.

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