Tech Therapy?

Device troubles can feel as stressful as life troubles. Navigating this new world on your own can create anxiety and feelings of dread. Technology isn’t intuitive, but it is necessary, and making it work shouldn’t drive you mad.

You deserve supportive tech help. Solving your tech issues is important, but easing the stress of dealing with technology is even more valuable.


I provide a goal-oriented and supportive approach to solving your tech issues. There are no “dumb questions” in my world. Your concerns are valid, no matter what they are, and I’m there to fix them and empower you.

I can help you with:


But most of all, I can help you gain mastery over your digital life.


I am available for reactive help or by recurring appointment. (Wouldn’t it be nice to know you have a scheduled, regular time to get your tech questions answered?)

These are examples of the type of work I have provided for others. Your needs might be different. That’s fine. I can still help.

  • Digital workflow for editing and revision of an author’s work-in-progress
  • Personalized website development and e-mail setup
  • Password management
  • Home A/V system design and optimization
  • Video chat setup
  • Multi-room audio system setup
  • Universal remote control setup
  • Wi-Fi troubleshooting and optimization
  • iPhone or Android setup and training
  • Laptop troubleshooting, maintenance, and optimization
  • Laptop-to-desktop file synchronization systems
  • Remote backup configuration to prevent data loss
  • Malware and virus removal and prevention
  • HIPAA-compliant digital workflow consulting and setup for private practitioners
  • Setup of electronic billing systems for private practitioners

I love to work with mental health or medical professionals including counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, psychoanalysts, social workers, therapists, medical doctors, or any other specialty. I can help make your practice (at least, the digital parts of it) streamlined, efficient, and less stressful to manage.

Not a mental health or medical professional? Totally fine. I’ll love working with you too.



Please do not use this form to send usernames, passwords, or any other private information. Your information will be sent to me by e-mail. E-mail is not secure.

If you prefer, you can call me at 917-547-9032.